Home remedy for beautiful and well-kept nails

Care tips – For beautiful and well-groomed nails you do not have to rush straight to the professional manicure. There are many cheap and convenient home remedies that can give you a healthy shine on your nails. Also against Cracked and brittle fingernails help home remedies from the kitchen and garden.

Home remedy for beautiful and well-kept nails

Are your nails brittle or discolored, or do you suffer from dry, rough hands? Then you can try one of the proven home remedies before you buy any drugstore products or even have a professional manicure done. However, if you have long-lasting symptoms or medical problems such as nail fungus or deep tears, you should consult a doctor.

Do you have any time for christmas?

It’s supposed to be the most reflective time of the year, instead it’s often the most stressful. Madame Missou from the Freundin expert group gives tips to reduce stress in the run-up to Christmas

Isabel Groẞe Holtforth

Madame Missou asks: Do you even have time for Christmas??

Cookies bake on Tuesday, on Wednesday still quickly get two gifts in this small shop two places on Thursday to the Christmas market – I’ve already told Ellen that I’m coming? -, Friday Christmas party from the company … Christmas is often one thing above all: incredibly stressful. Especially if you are working. Because most of us have holidays just before Christmas Eve and unfortunately not from the first Advent, even if that would be more than necessary.


hair care

Beautiful hair is THE figurehead for many women. They should look well groomed, shine and take part in every styling of everyday life without breaking down. But healthy hair does not usually fall from the sky, but needs the right care.

on Nov 14, 2017 at 6:08 am PST

Oily hair

Why:Our hair roots are equipped with sebaceous glands that produce fat or sebum. The fat protects our hair from drying out and makes it supple. Sometimes it happens that the glands produce more sebum than necessary. The result: a greasy hairline. There may be the risk that the hair root is suffocated by the excess sebum and hair loss and the formation of dandruff are favored.

Household trick - so you just peel ginger

Ginger not only brings a good spice in many dishes, but also strengthens our immune system with its valuable ingredients. But how do you actually get the root right??

You can easily peel ginger with the spoon method

Healthy ginger water, tasty curry with ginger sharpness or ginger shots – the sharp tuber is very diverse. If you slice them and put them in boiling water, you do not have to remove the peel. But if you want to use the ginger as a spice, you should peel it. And the is a challenge, because its overgrown shape can not be processed with a common peeler. And with a sharp knife lands next to the shell, unfortunately, a lot of “pulp”.   


Haarenfernung - that's right

For hair removal you can use a variety of methods: Waxing, laser treatment or depilation using a shaver or epilator – you do not have to go to a beauty salon for gentle hair removal. 

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So important to us is the hair removal 

In fact, the area that is most depilated is under the armpits. Followed by the legs and the genital area. And women do that not only to please the men, but above all for their own well-being. For the most part, hair removal is a must and should be as gentle as possible.

Hair Removal Methods

Important: By hair removal, no matter which method, the hair does not grow more quickly after. That is a common myth. By shaving and Co. hair growth remains at most equal or even decreases over time.


Cutting hair at home - you need to know these tips

Cutting the hair yourself can quickly go wrong. Those who still dare and reach for the scissors should know these tips beforehand

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To cut your own hair, you need a sure instinct

The hair is actually cut only by the professional. After all, haircutting is a demanding craft. But sometimes things just do not change and the feeling of having to change something immediately overcomes you. If the Barber of trust is then still fully booked, you can grab even the scissors. However, not without first knowing these tips:


Tinker your own hair - they must pay attention

He who sounds his hair gets a great shine. We have 11 tips for you to help you achieve the tint at home

Tint hair: You should pay attention to this, if you do it yourself

A tint is perfect for those who do not miss your hair with a completely new look but want a shiny hair color in a similar tone as they naturally have. Who wants an absolute type change with a new hair color (bleach black hair or dye blond black), should go to the professional. Because such large color jumps does not create a tint.



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Dye hair properly

Hair dyeing made easy! A beautiful hair color is no longer a matter of genes. Red, brown, blond or even white – everything is possible with the right technology!

on Dec 31, 2018 at 10:39 pm PST

Tinting or coloring? 

You have already made the decision to change your hair color? Now the only question is: What is the best method? A hair tint, a coloring or a bleaching? 

hair Dye

A tint works without chemistry, because the color does not penetrate into the hair structure, but only covers the hair. The good: There is no unwanted approach, as the color returns in a period of six to eight washes "washed out" is. A hair tint, however, is only suitable to refresh his own natural hair color and to provide new shine. Anyone who wants a lighter hair color or a noticeable change in the natural hair color, must resort to other dyeing methods. Hair coloring is also less suitable for covering gray hair.


Decolor hair - this is how it goes back to the natural color

Discolour hair? Face reality

If you first wear the wrong color on your head, you can not hope to return to the longed-for natural hair color without further ado. It depends, for example, on whether your hair had already been pretreated (perm, bleached hair, blond strands Etc.). Because then the hair structure is already roughened, so to speak, and the color pigments have made themselves comfortable in much deeper hair layers than if you had colored your natural hair color. 

on Sep 28, 2019 at 1:27 pm PDT

The problem with red hair

The new hair color can also be a problem. Red hair, for example, is the biggest challenge. Because the red tint contains most pigments. Anyone who dares to lighten up can end up standing there like Pumuckl with orange hair.